SML/NJ Manual Installation for Windows 9X/NT

These instructions are provided for those who need to install a version of SML/NJ that does not include an installer program (i.e. a self-installing .exe), or who need to recompile the runtime system, the SML/NJ compiler, or other tools provided with the SML/NJ distribution.

NOTE: These instructions apply to Windows NT and Windows 2000. The build process will not currently work under Windows 9X because of differences in the syntax accepted by the MSDOS command prompt.

Required tools

To unpack the distribution, you will need the Windows versions of the "GNU unzip" (gunzip) and "tape archive" (tar) utilities. These are freely available from They are also included in common Unix-on-Windows systems like MKS Toolkit and UWIN.

Running the windows script or building manually requires a Unix shell (ksh preferred) and other common Unix tools (sed, grep). We use MKS Toolkit to provide these facilites, although other ksh based toolkits should work directly as well; e.g. UWIN.

Compiling the runtime system requires the following tools:

It should not be difficult to adapt the source code to build with other compilers, assemblers, and "make" utilities (see src\runtime\objs\makefile.win32 and src\runtime\objs\mk.x86-win32).

Installing using configwin/

Fetch the tarball windows.tar.Z from <\blockquote>

This package contains a configwin directory with a modified script for building the compiler. You will also need the files
runtime.tar.Z http ftp
bin.x86-win32.tar.Z http ftp
smlnj-lib.tar.Z http ftp
ml-lex.tar.Z http ftp
ml-yacc.tar.Z http ftp
ml-burg.tar.Z http ftp
cml.tar.Z http ftp

Unpack the windows.tar.Z package by running

    zcat windows.tar.Z | tar xvf -
This will produce a directory named "windows" containing subdirectories doc, configwin, and is-gen. Move the configwin directory in which you want to install SML, along with the tarballs listed above. Then from a Unix shell, run configwin/

The windows/doc directory contains detailed instructions for building and installing SML/NJ manually (doc/WIN32-BUILD). The is-gen directory contains code for a utility that is used to build an InstallShield project from the installation created by configwin/

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